Rotogravure Printing NC based Inks

Rotogravure Surface Printing Inks

Rotogravure Reverse Printing Inks

Extremely stable
Excellent bond strength
High color depth
High gloss
Brilliant brightness
Excellent printability
Skin friendly
Flexographic Printing NC based Inks
Flexographic Surface Printing Inks
Flexographic Reverse Printing Inks
Hot Filling Application :

Considering continuous increase in market demand, we have developed inks suitable for Ketchup, juice packing or any other product where pasteurization and sterilization is involved.

Other Products :
CPP Films : Transparent and metalized.
PE Films : Transparent and white Opaque.

We represent major manufacturers in middle east for CPP and PE films, and have been supplying to major printers in UAE and Oman.